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zoomsquare`s team

Dr. Andreas Langegger

Dr. Andreas Langegger

Co-Founder, CEO

Andreas is the initiator of zoomsquare, he who got the ball rolling. Thanks to his profound scientific skills and his down-to-earth attitude he knows how to perfectly apply the latest technologies to innovative products. At zoomsquare he has the complete overview on the whole project and he also keeps a grip on the financial aspects. With his dedication and perseverance he is the driving force of zoomsquare.

Christoph Richter

Christoph Richter

Co-Founder, CMO

Christoph as team leader furthers and challenges the team. He encourages and boosts the team´s performance with a lot of enthusiasm, tact and sensitivity. He has a considerable and valuable experience with start-up companies as well as numerous internet companies where he has served as a very versatile all-rounder over the last 15 years, exactly as he does now at zoomsquare.

Neda Norsen

Mag. Neda Norsen

Executive Assistant

Neda looks after all employees. She does this not only because she is head of HR, but also because she is the mom for all. Because of this she is lovingly being called Chief Happiness Officer. Primarily her job is to support Andi and Christoph with all the incurring agendas such as accounting, payroll, etc. With her cheerful nature she spreads a little Oriental flair. Neda makes sure that every staff member is happy. This is not only because she is in charge of human resources but also because she is the mummy for everyone.That's why she is lovingly called the Chief Happiness Officer. Nevertheless her primary duty is to support Andi and Christoph with any issue that incur such as accounting, payroll accounting, reporting, etc. She spreads out an oriental flair with her happy soul.

Elena Rosa, BSc.

Project Manager & Online Marketing

Elena and zoomsquare met already back in autumn 2013. Within a project of the Vienna University of Economics and Business she could test zoomsquare root and branch for six months. Originally from the Ruhr Valley but already settled down in Vienna Elena is versatile, has a huge expertise and carries out her projects in product development, content marketing & social media with a lot of ambition and energy. Firm in her matters, friendly in her ways, she never runs out of words. Our globetrotter is always energetic and outstands as a team-player as she already did at Disney.

Bernhard Schaffer, MSc.

Digital Marketing 

Originally from Linz Bernhard a.k.a Berni is a real number cruncher: our perfectionist keep an eye and analyses on the metrics, which is the basis for so many strategic decisions at zoomsquare. His joined-up thinking come in very handy to us. With his business degree he is very well versed when it comes to SEO & SEM. His valuable experience in Online- & Mobile-Marketing, two of his areas of expertise, goes back to his days at RED BULL MOBILE, MINI & Co. se

Carina Skladal, BSc.

UI Architect

Carina is essential when it comes to the implementation of the designs at zoomsquare. She has developed the user interface of zoomsquare for the desktop and the mobile app, as our users knows it. The rare talent of programming and designing at the same time makes her the ideal interface. Carina, who is studying at the Saint Pölten University of Applied Sciences, is also a passionate photographer and a natural trouble-shooter, always ready to also support the marketing team with creative ideas, graphics and design.

Andreas Lackinger

Web Architect

Andy is the frontend´s constant. Everything the experienced Java programmer works on is stable. He stands for quality and also supports the product development finding easy solutions and the best implementation of zoomsquare for our users. Our cheerful frontend programmer from Upper Austria handles stress staying focused and calm, both while working and paragliding. A further big plus: his strong, expert opinion, thanks to which he is mostly right.

Mag. Bernhard Holzer

PR Manager

As a PR and communication expert Bernhard takes care of zoomsquare's image, making sure it always stays coherent and harmonious. Thanks to his innovative approach to media and his effective content marketing zoomsquare is always present and prominent in the media. Over a decade of experience in marketing, print, online, TV and radio communication combined with his social attitude ensure a valuable experience and an extensive network.

DI Gerhard Wiesinger, MBA

Teamlead Backend & Enterprise Architecture

Gerhard brings his long experience and his balance a the necessary foresight in the team. His motto is: "Where there's a will there's a way!" With Andi, Christoph and Elena he constantly ensures that the planned targets are achieved. The ambitious skiers, passionate photographer and guitarist is always ready for a joke, but is strongly committed to a balanced and motivating environment.

Christian Sturm

Software Architect & System Administration

Christian is the technical backbone of zoomsquare. As a software architect he is responsible for keeping the systems up and further developing them "piece by piece", together with our two founders. Programming is for him something completely natural. Problem solving and the implementation of new ideas is what stimulates his creativity. The programming language that Christian does not know, has not been invented yet.

Moritz Tomasi, BSc

Software Architect - Data Analyst

Moritz, from the beautiful Bozen, is an asset to the team in every way. Not only that, he has become indispensable in the backend team, he sometimes helps out in the frontend team. Moritz also knows his way around in all series and movies that are currently popular. But intellectually he educated himself, because he kept trying to learn new Austrian dialects and then applies this repeatedly.

Mag. Stephan Hattinger

Software Architect - Data Analyst

Stephan is our exceptionally skilled software architect who develops both in frontend and in backend at zoomsquare. His most important goal is also his biggest strength: his work has to be stable and reliable. Accuracy and quality are his priority and he also encourages the rest of the team to strive for it. His second biggest passion is data analysis. Thanks to his analytical skills he is able to interpret big amounts of data, recognizing in big data connections where others simply do not have any clue. With this humor and his down-to-earth attitude the mathematician, who has an expert opinion on everything, became quickly an important member of our team.

Sven Alexis Gosson de Varennes, BSc

Software Architect - Machine Learning & Geocoding

Sven turned out very soon as a real stroke of luck for zoomsquare. As part of the backend team he is in a league of his own when it comes to computational linguistics, machine learning, geo-coding, open data and big data. By leaps and bounds he learned the ropes becoming the right hand of co founder Andreas Langegger. He will also be working on future projects such as noise map, green areas maps and international projects. With his social attitude and his good mood our Frenchman, who grew up in eight countries among which Brazil, Japan, Canada and Sweden, gets everybody in a good mood and adds international flair to zoomsquare