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zoomsquare press

Mag. Bernhard Holzer

Welcome to the press page of zoomsquare

Here you will find current press releases, general information and downloads.

Mag. Bernhard Holzer
Tel AT: +43 650 8888182
Tel DE: +49 162 1017239

About zoomsquare & latest news

The previous press releases of zoomsquare

Wohnungssuche-Startup zoomsquare launcht in Deutschland: „Zum Start schon mehr Immobilien als die größten Portale!“
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Prominent investors kick off Germany launch early 2016: Ex-Autoscout CEO Sanz and former Parship boss Kahlke invest in property search engine zoomsquare
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UK Tech Pioneer Hermann Hauser invests in Vienna based property search startup zoomsquare: „They have what it takes to become a global player”
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Exclusive: zoomsquare presents real estate prices for Salzburg city (German)
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zoomsquare presents price map & the first Vienna tube map with m²-prices (German)
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zoomsquare starts first english search engine for Austria
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"Tinder for real estate"
the new kind of real estate serach (German)

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zoomsquare app starts new type of
mobile real estate search in Austria (German)

Press release APA (OTS) (short version)
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zoomsquare in the media (international press reports)

In the media (German)

Besser als Immoscout? Zoomsquare will das Google für Wohnungen werden
stern, 03.02.2016
Zoomsquare: Das preisgekrönte Wohnungssuche-Startup zieht in den deutschen Immobilienmarkt ein
t3n, 03.02.2016
Wohnungssuchmaschine Zoomsquare startet in Deutschland
Immobilien Zeitung, 04.02.2016
zoomsquare attracts additional prominent investors (German)
Futurezone, 21.10.2015
zoomsquare is announcing, that Hermann Hauser and further investors invested 540.000 Euro (German)
Trending Topics, 21.10.2015
Real estate start-up zoomsquare.com gets additional investors (German)
derStandard, 21.10.2015
Alberto Sanz and Arne Kahlke in real estate search engine start-up zoomsquare (German)
United Worker, 21.10.2015
Real estate search engine zoomsquare raises 1,6 Mil. Euro for international expansion (German)
Fillmore, 21.10.2015
Kyto, qipp, maloon and Co. get fresh investment (German)
deutsche startups, 9.10.2015
Hermann Hauser invests in real estate search engine start-up zoomsquare (German)
updatemi, 6.10.2015
Real estate search engine zoomsquare raises another investment round
Tiroler Tageszeitung, 2.10.2015
Real estate search engine zoomsquare get's fresh money for expansion (German)
derStandard, 2.10.2015
Austro-Immo-Platform zoomsquare raises new investment round (German)
Börse Express, 2.10.2015
The “Google for real estate”: zoomsquare attracts investor Hermann Hauser (German)
Der Brutkasten, 1.10.2015
Tech-pioneer and investor Hermann Hauser invests in start-up zoomsquare (German)
telekom presse, 1.10.2015
zoomsquare is happy to announce Herman Hauser as an investor (German)
Werbeplanung, 1.10.2015
8 questions about the election topic "Living" answered by zoomsquare (German)
neuwal, 1.10.2015
UK-Tech-Pionier invests in Vienna based Start-up zoomsquare (German)
Forbes, 1.10.2015
Hermann Hauser, „Steve Jobs of the UK“, invests in Vienna based Start-Up zoomsquare (German)
Trending Topics, 30.09.2015
"British Steve Jobs" invests in zoomsquare (GERMAN)
Futurezone, 30.09.2015
S-Bahn Nussdorf: A pretty expensive place (German)
meinbezirk.at, August 2015
Vienna subway map with real estate prices (German)
ORF, 29.07.2015
So expensive is living next to the Vienna subway (German)
wirtschaftsblatt, 29.07.2015
At these S-Bahn stations you can afford ti live (German)
vienna.at, 29.07.2015
S-Bahn map with real estate prices in eastern Austria (German)
heute.at, 28.07.2015
How to find your home of dreams nearby subway (German)
wienerzeitung, 28.07.2015
Living next to subway costs extra (German)
meinbezirk.at, Juni 2015
Living next to the U1 subway station: Cheap prices in Favoriten (German)
meinbezirk.at, Juni 2015
What living in Vienna costs (German)
news.at, 31.05.2015
Vienna subway rent map (German)
energy, 28.05.2015
Rent calculator coming soon (German)
immobilien-magazin, 28.05.2015
That's how the people live in Vienna (German)
Österreich, 28.05.2015
zoomsquare presents the rent calculator (German)
werbeplanung, 28.05.2015
Pay less rent nearby these subway stops (German)
MSN, 27.05.2015
a New era in the property search (German)
oe24, 27.05.2015
Pay less rent nearby these subway stops (German)
Vienna.at, 27.05.2015
Start-up presents rent calculator (German)
futurezone, 27.05.2015
zoomsquare shows average rent on Vienna subway map (German)
Horizont, 27.05.2015
The Austrian startup ecosystem in review (German)
etailment, Mai 2015
MobileMonday meets FH Wien (German)
Mobilmonday, 14.04.2015
Real estate platforms under pressure (German)
extendedvolume, 3.03.2015
Austrian startups: rocky way out of the shadows of Berlin (German)
Netzpiloten, 19.02.2015
eAwards (German)
Wiener Börse, 19.02.201
Start-up-Show: A blimp of Silicon Valley on TV (German)
futurezone, 19.02.2015
4 trends: that's how the future of property search look like (German)
Format, 9.02.2015
IT industry battles around eAward 2015 (German)
Leadersnet, 29.01.2015
Winners of the eAward 2015 (German)
Report, 29.01.2015
Event #5 of Marketing Natives: small activities with big impact (German)
Horizont, 27.01.2015
Digital quality sign for Open Data (German)
Computerwelt, 26.01.2015
Marketing Natives: small budgets with big impact (German)
Werbeplanung, 26.01.2015
Austrian quality sign for Open Data started (German)
derstandard, 23.01.2015
Quality sign for Open Data started (German)
Futurezone, 21.01.2015
House hunting in English (german)
Wiener Wirtschaft, 15.01.2015
Event #5 of Marketing Natives: Show me the money (German)
Dialog Marketing Verband Österreich, 12.01.2015
More added value from marketing activities (German)
Horizont, 12.01.2015
Marketing Natives: Show me the money (German)
Werbeplanung, 12.01.2015
Introducing Christoph Richter – Founder of zoomsquare (German)
Marketingnatives, 12.01.2015
Hose hunting with comfort (German)
inwien.at, 30.12.2014
zoomsquare launches in English (German)
Immoflash, 10.12.2014
Property search: zoomsquare now availabe in English (German)
derstandard, 4.12.2014
zoomsquare launches English property search (German)
werbeplanung, 4.12.2014
zoomsquare launches property search in English (German)
futurezone, 4.12.2014
Journi wins MobileMonday Demo Night 2014 (German)
werbeplanung, 3.12.2014
Search engines: it does not need to be allways Google (German)
Format, 1.12.2014
Cunning helpers (German)
ImmobilienFokus, Winter 2014
No growth without startups (German)
Wirtschaftsblatt, 19.11.2014
Content Awards: From JumpnRun game to a travel app (German)
werbeplanung, 14.11.2014
30 Startup's, with big success in 2014 (German)
Horizont, 14.11.2014
Content Award honours digital creations (German)
Horizont, 13.11.2014
zoomsquare wins Content Award 2014 (German)
Futurezone, 13.11.2014
zoomsquare allows you neighborhood search (German)
Heute, 30.10.2014
Smoobo, Zoomsquare, Werpflegtwie, iCrowd, Safe (German)
deutsche startups, 30.10.2014
About fresh new ideas and outdated political topics - startup's in Austria (German)
huffington post, 28.10.2014
New property search in Linz (German)
Life Radio, 21.10.2014
New: Neighborhood search in Linz (German)
Meinbezirk.at, 21.10.2014
7 digit investment for zoomsquare (German)
DiePresse, 14.10.2014
zoomsquare: Viennese property search startup get's a 7 digit investment (German)
telekom-presse, 7.10.2014
zoomsquare get's a nearly 7 digit investment (German)
werbeplanung, 7.10.2014
Real estate startup zoomsquare get's nearly 7 digit investment (German)
photaq.com, 7.10.2014
Renate Lackinger - Ex-CTO from immobilien.net changes to zoomsquare.com (German)
boerse-social.com, 7.10.2014
Lesara, zoomsquare, Fitogram and Co. collect money (German)
deutsche-startups.de, 7.10.2014
Two takeovers, two investments and more (German)
gruenderszene.de, 7.10.2014
zoomsquare get's 7-digit investment - focuses on internationalization and new technologies (German)
boerse-express, 7.10.2014
New investment for Viennese startup zoomsquare (German)
futurezone, 7.10.2014
Nearly one million for zoomsquare (German)
HORIZONT, 7.10.2014
Swidgy, Zoomsquare and Wirzudir (German)
gruenderszene.de, 30.9.2014
October is in Vienna all about Startups (German)
Wirtschaftsblatt, 25.9.2014
zoomsquare - find real estates (German)
appzoom.com, 25.9.2014
Real estate serach with the zoomsquare app (German)
gfm-nachrichten.de, 25.9.2014
zoomsquare wants to expand to Germany with it's real estate app in 2015 (German)
mobilbranche.de, 25.9.2014
Real estate app of the month: zoomsquare (German)
FH Wien, 22.9.2014
Real estate app (German)
Computerwelt, 20.8.2014
zoomsquare – A different kind of real estate search (German)
arihe.at, 13.8.2014
Looking for a new flat in Austria? Try zoomsquare (German)
mobilitylounge.com, 12.8.2014
zoomsquare launches real estate search app (German)
atmedia.at, 12.8.2014
zoomsquare App launches with a new way of mobile real estate search in Austria (German)
boerse-social.com, 12.8.2014
Start-ups: The new rock stars? (German)
Kurier, 13th January, 2014.
Kurier: Better alone or in pairs? (German)
Print, 2nd November, page 22.
Wirtschaftsblatt: zoomsquare on the way to Germany (German)
Print, 30th October, 20130, page 7.
zoomsquare – a date with the estate of your dreams (German)
Die Presse am Sonntag, 20th October, 2013, page 15.
The new real estate serach that works like online-dating (German)
DiePresse.com, 17th October, 2013.
A Viennese start-up will facilitate real estate search (German)
derstandard.at, 17th October, 2013.
Vienna: dating alike real estate search website has started (German)
Kronen Zeitung, 17th October, 2013.
Zoomsquare will find your new home (German)
Heute, 16th October, 2013.
Viennese start-up wants to considerably change real estate search (German)
Kurier, 18th October, 2013, page 14.
Viennese start-up wants to considerably change real estate search (German)
Futurezone, 18th October, 2013.
Real estate search made easy (German)
News, 17th October, 2013.
zoomsquare – Viennese Google for real estate (German)
Horizont, 17th October, 2013.
zoomsquare.com wants to facilitate real estate search in Vienna (German)
vienna.at, 17th October, 2013.
Startup zoomsquare facilitates real estate search (German)
börse-express.com, 17th October, 2013.
zoomsquare dreht auf (German)
immoflash, 21th October.
Radio Arabella: „Platform facilitates real estate search”
On Air & Online, 17th october, 2013.
Viennese start-up wants to revolutionise real estate search (German)
leadersnet.at, 17th october, 2013.
Broukals Welt - Real estate search made simple (German)
e-Media, Nr 19-2013/page 133.
zoomsquare - Find the one for life (German)
Trend-Magazin, June 2013/page 133.
zoomsquare on open data (German)
Radio Ö1, 20th February, 2013.
15 Start-ups that want to conquer 2013 (German)
futurezone.at, 16th January, 2013.
Crowdfunding report about zoomsquare (German)
ORF, 18th December, 2012.
Article in Computerwelt
Computerwelt, 1st November, 2012.
Article in QUER-MAGAZIN, insert of Der Standard (German)
Quer Magazin, 13th October, 2012.