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Technical information for webmaster

You would like zoomsquare users to find your advertisements? - We can help you!

To list your advertisements efficiently, zoomsquare has to be able to reach your pages and understand them properly. In the following section we wil provide you with some information about the technology behind zoomsquare. Learn more about how zoomsquare analyzes advertisements, how the automatic geolocation works and what you can do as provider of a real estate platform, to enable us to ideally index your advertisements.

That is how zoomsquare works

zoomsquare helps users to find new suitable advertisements in the easiest possible way. Users set up a search profile with all relevant desired features such as: type, budget, size, the location they would like to live in and many other features regarding the object or the area. We follow all relevant websites containing real estate advertisements, we recognize them and send new suitable hits to our users. p>

zoomsquare works as a traditional search engine (e.g Google) following hyperlinks to reach the real estate advertisements. Starting with known domains our search engine follows all websites (HTML- pages) and identifies real estate advertisements. zoomsquare analyzes real estate advertisements to compare them efficiently with our users' profiles and their desired features. Information such as price, size, location and real estate features are filtered from the advertisement on the page and structured in a way that allows users to search through them quickly. zoomsquare saves neither text nor pictures, but it indexes the URL of the page so that the users can be redirected to the page. p>

zoomsquare automatic localization is based on the one hand on street addresses and on the other hand on area information contained and recognized in the text, such as: "close to Volksgarten" or "at the corner between Kärntnerstraße and Walfischgasse". This piece of information is combined on the basis of a geo-database and complex algorithms, in order to approximately determine the location.

In this way you can be sure that zoomsquare will find your advertisements.

Soon you will also be able to check automatically if your website can be indexed by zoomsquare.

Our search engine is being currently developed and new links are continuously included in the zoomsquare-Index. Please contact us if zoomsquare has not indexed your real estate platform yet. Either via mail or phone +43 681 1036 9572.

Control of access and reduction of server load

The zoomsquare robot (User-agent: zoomRank/3.0) respects different entries in the robots.txt. Beyond the usual rules this also includes entries such as crawl-delay, which is also applied by other search engines e.g Yahoo or Microsoft Bing. Crawl-delay 2 determines an interval of at least 2 seconds between a query and the next one. However, it should be reminded that a longer pause between the queries returns less up-to-date results.

HTTP-Standards such as ETags or Last-Modified-Header can also effectively contribute to traffic reduction. Since these standards are used by the most popular browsers they allow a faster page loading for all website visitors.

Through a so-called Sitemaps search engines can also retrieve information about changes on single pages on platforms directly. In this sense they represent an important part of any SEO-activity. Moreover, with zoomLive we also provide you with a real-time interface.

Optimisation of advertisements for zoomsquare

zoomsquare ranks results and new hits according to the zoomScore: only the most suitable hits are listed on the top. The zoomScore is calculated on the basis of the matches between advertisement and user's search profile: owners or real estate agents have no direct influence on the zoomScore. zoomsquare does not allow any paid advertisements or does not place any advertisements in a higher position on the list against payment.

However, real estate agents and owners can present their properties in an attractive way to appeal the users and to increase the chances of concluding a contract. The quantity of information about the object and its address (ideally the house number) improves the zoomScore of an object and therefore can be more attractive for interested users.