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Information for real estate website providers

zoomsquare is not a real estate website, but a search engine for real estate properties. Users searching for a property can set up their personal searching. zoomsquare sifts continuously through the web looking for properties and lists up the links making them accessible to the users along with additional aggregated information.

A version of zoomsquare with basic functions is available to users for free. Additional and more advanced features will be offered as a premium package in the future.

zoomsquare works like a traditional search engine (e.g Google): it follows exclusively hyperlinks, property offers are automatically recognized and included in the zoomsquare-Index. zoomsquare does not search through websites which block search engine. zoomsquare does not store websites or pictures.

zoomsquare does not allow to place property advertisements.

Including a real estate website in the zoomsquare-index

Technical information for Webmaster


zoomLIVE is a real time interface for providers of real estate websites, that informs both customers (owners and estate agents) and our zoomsquare users about new offers as soon as the links are available online.

The goal of zoomsquare is to match users searching for properties with the current offers in a faster and more efficient way than before. Thanks to zoomsquare users can find the property they wish faster and with less effort. With the real time interface zoomLIVE customers of real estate websites (estate agents and owners) can conclude a contract in a faster and more efficient way.

How does zoomLIVE work?

zoomLIVE support explained step by step:

  1. a property offer is placed by an agent on a website
  2. through zoomLIVE interface the website send the URL of the new offer to zoomsquare
  3. zoomsquare matches the new property offer with the wishes of the users
  4. In case of a high amount of matching wishes zoomsquare automatically informs the users (via Email/SMS)

Implementing zoomLIVE does not require a high development effort, because the only URL is sent and no complex data exchange is necessary (through OpenImmo, etc.).

Advantages for customers of website providers:

zoomLIVE offers the following advantages to its customers:

  • fast real estate brokerage
  • wider coverage
  • effective matching of new property offers and zoomsquare personal search profiles

We are testing zoomLIVE at the moment.
Documentation for zoomLIVE.

In order to let your customers benefit from the advantages of zoomLIVE , contact us via mail or phone +43 681 1036 9572. We are happy to help you with the implementation.